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      Green Tea

      Price 320.00
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      Amla Candy

      Price 50.00
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      Green Kullhar

      Price 30.00
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      Black Blue Mug

      Price 90.00
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      Lemon Ginger Instant Drink Powder

      Price 12.00
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      Price 1500.00
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      Ubton Body Scrub

      Price 150.00
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      Large Blue Lamp

      Price 2100.00
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Make a difference. Be the Change. Good Deeds by Naurang Foundation is a social initiative that strives to act as a bridge between the under-privileged work-force and the urban buyer. Partnering with fellow NGOs and other social initiatives, Good Deeds sources products from all across India and makes them easily accessible to the customers.

Though economic empowerment is the end-goal of any social outreach program, the cycle remains incomplete because of the existing gap between the sellers and the buyers. While many NGOs provide vocational training and skill-development programs, the lacuna in the system is that many of the products generated from these sectors do not find any buyers, mainly because one is unable to complete the cycle of sustainable development.

Good Deeds by Naurang Foundation steps in to form this important link in the chain. It is the perfect retail platform where the labour of the underprivileged work-force gets an opportunity to meet potential buyers. Through, Good Deeds, Naurang Foundation aims to keep the wheel of sustainable development moving.

By buying products from Good Deeds, you as buyers are directly as well as indirectly contributing towards the success of the underprivileged work-force. To this end, the profit-share earned by Naurang Foundation through the transactions at Good Deeds, is channeled back into the on-going social projects.

Good Deeds aims to create an equitable society in every sense of the word, and to do so, we reach out and seek the help and support of people who are as involved, as committed and as dedicated in their belief of the empowerment of the neglected sections of our society as we are.