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Why People Procrastinate And How To Over Come It

Procrastination is one of the top reason why people do not achieve success in their life. To make an excuse for not starting or completing an important task is so easy for us. We keep on delaying the work which we should have completed immediately and eventually we end up not doing at all. Procrastinate can cost dearly to both you or the company you work. It may not effect much if you keep delaying to shop your grocery items until you have left with only pickles, but when you procrastinate at work it may cause huge loss in terms of money or your company may loose important project.
But why do people procrastinate? By looking at the common reasons that often peopl put things off, we will make important discoveries about ourself that can help us put an end to this deadly procrastination. Most of our procrastination feelings come from a subconscious fear or self-limiting belief. When we take time to explore these thoughts, we will surely find that it’s not difficult to overcome them and create an action-oriented mindset.

Here are some of the reasons why many people procrastinate.

Putting the cart before the horse: Many people who are not able to start up any new thing believe that they should feel motivated in order to start up any new work or task. This is one of the greatest mistake one makes, you may not feel motivated in the begining, but as you keep on working on that task you may develop motivation later. If you keep waiting to get excited before you start you may end up never starting it. Action comes first before motivation.

I don’t know how to do it: Lack of skill is another common reason for procrastination. If you really lack the required skills to complete the given tasks, it is only natural to avoid doing them. You may be a slow reader. If you have many lengthy articles to read before you can write a paper, you may postpone the reading because it is difficult. You may even have trouble admitting your poor reading skills because you do not want to be seen as seem “dumb.” Thus procrastinating may seem better than facing your need to improve your reading skills.
The better way to solve skill problems, is to identify what the problems are. An instructor, or another professional can help you to make this determination. When you know the problem, then you can take action to correct it.
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